Week8 and time for my weekly natter, this weeks task for the business frame work module is to assess our online social media activity through and Kred and Klout are sites where your social media activity can be measured, so once you have signed up all you do is connect through facebook,linkedin,twitter,google+ you get the picture….but after connecting low and behold we are giving an average score to ponder over. What does this actually mean, I have a score thats “above average” before I signed up I wasnt bothered whether  I fit in with mr average but before I connected to face book through Klout I found myself disappointed with my below average score of 26 but then the magic happened with one push of the facebook button I was propelled to the dizzy heights of above average yeh!…..but all kidding aside , when the scores came back I was quite surprised that I was above average of 40 with 56 as I didnt think that I was that active on social media scene but then I noticed that past posts on Facebook for instance when anyone comments back or likes a photo this starts tallying up all activity then converts it into scores. I suppose as I start my career in engineering these types of sites can come in very handy , as I build my education and cv this will let me monitor where I am showing my profile and optimise my chances of an employer seeing my continual activity.I know I only spoke about klout but the 2 sites are very similar, but as a preference I found that klout was easier to use and that was purely down to the fact that I have just started using  these two sites, if maybe in a couple of weeks I had to assess them again I would be able to pit them against each other a bit better. All and all I do think I have to keep up to date with these two sites

Blog 7


Weekly blog(7)


It is this time of the week to create my weekly blog, this will be blog 7 and the topic this week is to write and convince people to follow some of the blogs I follow.

Bill mullins blog-Tech thoughts

As an engineering student the obvious blogs to follow are are the ones that relate to my degree, but for the past few weeks I have been following bill mullins who focuses on tech blogs. I like his blogs because he gets straight to the point of that particular subject and puts all the tech talk into laymans terms which widens his potential base audience, for instance in one of his blogs, he spoke about what will happen when microsoft stop updating xp fixes, he gives a good account of what to do and even gives links to these problems so no need to start running to pc world to upgrade at this point in time.


Solving problems or creating solutions

One of the other blogs that im following is more along the lines of my engineering degree, this blog was created by darren drennen and he speaks about the mindset needed to solve problems with an anylitic approach, in  engineering a lot of time is spend solving problems so a certain mindset has to be addopted as to narrowing down the problem and focusing on the job at hand. He goes on to explain a bit more in depth but generally gives a good insight to how engineers go about solving problems.


The Energy blog

This blog is about all topics that tie in with the energy revolution but the main point that comes accross is the fact that oil,gas and coal is becoming increasinigly expensive and the fact they contribute to gobal warming, so other means of powering our countries have to change for the better. A lot of the content is fact based so you would probaly need to have an interest in renewable energies but I found this blog very informative.


Engineering pathway

This blog is all about engineering events in history,if you visit each day there will be a blog on a different event on that particular day in history, for instance one of the posts have the history of how william merriam burton was awarded the patent for thermal cracking which is a process of breaking down organic molecules which in turn is used for crude oil to extract its multiple products.

This blog reports about the continuing mining that goes on all over the world I would say this blog is more of a news feed as it speaks about contract negotiations land disputes to even the miners striking, this blog gives an insight to remote parts of the world that we would never actually here about so it gives a good spectrum  of how other parts of the world is developing through mining.


Developing a good online presence for our business (Blog6)

Week 6 and time for my weekly blog. This week we have been ask to write a reflective blog on our own business idea and how it is developing good online presence.

Our (Peter Brown, Laurence Mitchel, Adam Garvin, Dean Watt, Arthur Tonato) business idea is video mapping onto buildings, which is named Project my Business. We plan to liaise with clients to promote their businesses, from sitting down with the client and listening to their ideas and designing the advertising they want but also give them our professional advice as to what advertising is best for that particular business to promote. We are currently building our business home page on face book to reach our targeted clients but also to get people talking about our product. At the present time there is still a bit more modifying to do, but the things that will feature on our home page will be the formulation of our Business Mission Statement as well as various links to past and ongoing projects, this will also contain brief guide videos on what type of questions we will asking so the client has time to think of some questions (if they have any) on first meeting. We will always be looking for feedback, so we will ask our clients to do a survey after or during contracts so we can build data for improving the business and make sure our clients are getting the full professional package. So knowing what our clients want enhances our reputation thus improving our professionalism whilst expanding as a business, there will be full easy to find contact details on the home page as we think it is important that our clients can feel at ease knowing they can easily contact us no matter the issue ***we do cross the line at climbing trees and rescuing cats***… i guess what I’m saying is that customer satisfaction is paramount to our business and our face book page will initially be first contact so user friendly is a must. By using face book it is a good basis to start from as there is unlimited audience and our presence can only grow.

Business Mission Statement

This week my blog is on two business mission statements and how that reflects their business and purpose to where the company is going, so i decided to pick two large and similar companies Asda and Tesco.

Tesco’s mission statement focuses on how they want to give value to customers for their live time loyalty . they are basically saying that they are totally committed to giving their customer what they want with an efficient service stating that their employees are just as committed and will professionally do their job. their dedication to their customers gives them an unconditional guarantee. They achieve this by regularly asking customers and staff to point out areas of improvement.

Asda’s mission statement lays out their long term organisational directive, they state “to be Britain’s best value retailer exceeding customers needs” they also have a statement of purpose which keeps stake holders in the info loop and let them understand the reason the business exists . they also mention that their goal is to make goods and services more affordable for everyone ,there is a set of values that Asda adhere to which gives an insight to their beliefs and decisions in the marketplace.

ASDA’s values are:

  • respect for the individual
  • strive for excellence
  • service to our customers.

they also make sure that new employees carry these values with them before starting their new job, they are put through a 25 hour induction training simply named  “Best Welcome” there is also an annual survey done through their intranet to gather data so everyone within the company at all levels see how the mission statement , purpose,and values influence company decisions.

after reading both statements i find myself leaning towards Asda as i like the way they give their workers a chance to give some input on the decisions that ultimately effect them.


Facebook market presence

This weeks assignment is to write a blog on a business that uses Facebook for their market presence so it got me thinking about which notifications i receive and one that springs to mind is Buskers Bar/Music Venue, the venue is situated at  Ward Road Dundee in the former building that was knowing as Angels. the venue can hold up to 400+ capacity and opened in September 2013 and are growing a good solid fan base that attend the venue each week, i have been there myself on a few occasions and always had a great time with a friendly atmosphere. they primarily promote new up and coming bands but they do put on gigs with bigger, known bands with a variety of different styles of music. the prices of the tickets range  from £0 to £10 which is really reasonable you get to see new up and coming musicians and have a great time for the price of a couple of drinks which makes them very competitive in that sector of the market.

The face book page they have is very informative and easy to use, They have lots of links to past and up and coming groups and events. They currently have close to 7 thousand likes and encourage their followers to share thoughts for events and page content so in turn let the customers be apart of their growth. they have some sponsors on the page which are random adverts that relate to that particular area.

Their target market has no particular demographic and has a wide spectrum of music lovers in age and taste, i think anyone would be able to find some thing of interest. They also post up pictures and video’s of people at past events which helps new potential customers see what is in store if they choose to going to a particular event.

strong media presence

As the social media grows to even greater heights more and more companies are benefiting from the ease of advertising or making there product known through these social media sites. To get your product/service benefiting from social media sites, first thing to do is choose one that suits your business, how  do you manage to do this with such a large variety  , more often than not the choice can be made for you as most of these social media sites have links that synchronize which ever one you choose, so potentially one business can have multiple social media sites which cant be bad as your product/service can be seen by a whole variety of people and other businesses . A good online business that uses these facilities to their full advantage is Google, there are currently over 2 billion searches a day on Google so where better than to advertise your own product, Google  plus has been described as a social networking tool that allows the owner of the account to connect directly to web content, it is the 2nd largest social networking site after Facebook with over  540 million users logging in monthly. After the Google plus app came out in 2013, within 3 months there was over 300 million downloads making the app the 4th most downloaded app with 134,408 hr being is said that there as about 97% of all potential customers search for businesses on line and with Google + this app connects with customers on search,maps and Google plus pretty much everyone has access to these services via mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop most of these Google products are funded by Ad-words which is primarily Google’s profits, these ads work on the basis of adding advertising at the bottom or top of search results, in 2012 Google’s total advertising revenue was $42.5 billion not a bad bit of business if i do say so myself which doesn’t seem to be slowing down.



what is a good business

what is a good business?

i have been asked to write about what i think is a good business, my initial thoughts seemed to favor the usual aspects of business like a good product or service, profits,minimal loses,good management , expansion and longevity. after searching the internet on this subject i came across an unusual business idea that actually proved that a business can be born out of the most “ridiculous” of ideas.

In 1975 Gary Dahl was with some friends and they were speaking about the up keep and time it takes to look after pets, as the conversation went on an idea came to him about what would make a perfect pet he jokingly suggested that a rock would make a good pet after all a rock wouldn’t need the usual aspects of looking after a pet such as walks,food,vet bills,groomed,disobedience and time. after some time he eventually came back to the idea and wrote an instruction manual on how to look after “Pet Rock” yes that’s correct a pet rock. this manual had some play on words and puns that reflects on how to look after your pet rock correctly.

the first batch of rocks were gray stone bought from his local builders merchants these rocks would come in their own supplied box with air holes and straw as bedding. the manual had instructions like how to use commands on the rock, some of the commands taught the owner how to get the rock to stay or sit as this was easy to accomplish but some commands did need the owners help such as when teaching the rock how to roll over fetch but shaking hands was near impossible . The initial outlay cost was for the die to cut the boxes and get them manufactured. the rocks were very cheap as he was getting them for a penny each with the straw costing next to no money at all. the instruction manual was very cheap to print as he was working in advertising he simply attached the instruction manuals to that printing  job which saved money.

The craze ran for about 6 months which saw a short increase in sales at Christmas he sold over 1.5 million units which in-turn made him a millionaire. they were discontinued in February 1976 due to low sales, there is a company – Rosebud Entertainment that have made them available again, they own the trademark rights to The Pet Rock.

so i ask my self the question again what is a good business? even though the business didn’t last long the period it ran made the entrepreneur a millionaire. A good business doesn’t need to have been established hundreds of years ago and still running to be a good business after all within 6 months Gary Dahl was a millionaire which suggests that the big profits were made. Was this a good business i say yes, he had an idea albeit  sounded ridiculous at the time but he found away to make it work for him and i’m sure his clients were very happy with their obedient pet.

students perception of professional engineering practice

Blog1 week1

Domal,Stappenbelt and Trevelyan, Professional Development at University: Student Perceptions of Professional Engineering Practice

Yeeha my first blog I hope I stumble through this ok.

So I have just read our assignment for this week, we were given a paper to read and reflect on, the paper I had to read was Professional development at university: student perceptions of professional engineering practices, this was a study developed through the need for more communication in the engineering industry and was written by three people Vinay Domal, Brad Stappenbelt and James Trevelyan. The study was conducted at the university of western Australia where professional engineers, year 10 students that attended an engineering camp , 1st year and 4th year university students  were all given questionnaires and asked to fill it in. One of the results that stood out from the rest and surprised the authors, was that 60% of an engineers time is took up through comunicating with clients and co-works with two 3rds of that time being in direct contact with people so the poll seems to reveal good communication skills are imperative, having these attributes would help get employment,As the industry is world wide having these skillwould be very helpful.

These results were recorded in 2008 so it would be interesting to see if any improvements were made in the way the university approach teaching these skills, I am studying mechanical engineering and im in my 3rd year at present I entered my studies at the second year stage so I can only coment on what I have heard and  I am led to believe that there was a communication class in 1st year but just the basics.i think the business frame work class looks very useful as to develop our knowledge and give us an insight to how businesses work through good communicationn but im a great believer in the learn on the job approach . Its all good  given out hypothetical situations but does that really prepare you from the big bad world of engineering as I said I think the best learning is done in real life situations.

My perception of an engineer would be someone that call solve certain problems through the use of a scientific and mathematical approach aswell as having good practical skills.

I hope that what we learn in the business frame work class can be transitional to my future employment and career.